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            2. Your Success is Our Policy®

              We don’t simply take advantage of opportunities…we build a future with them.

              About AmTrust Financial - Commercial, Small Business Insurance Carrier

              AmTrust Financial Services is an industry-leading insurance provider, focusing on small business insurance solutions with an emphasis on workers’ compensation coverage. We are a top writer of workers’ compensation insurance and a top 3 warranty writer in the United States. Our mission has remained the same since the beginning: To deliver outstanding insurance and risk solutions to our clients and partners around the world through innovation, niche expertise, and unparalleled service.

              While we are best known as a small business insurance carrier, AmTrust also provides other commercial insurance solutions including Title, Excess & Surplus, International, warranty coverage and more. Throughout the years, AmTrust has grown into an international property & casualty insurer, but our focus on small business insurance has never wavered. AmTrust is your partner, supporting you and your clients every step of the way.

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